About Us

Professionally engaged in the field of Logistics & Supply chain Solutions with focused exclusively on handling of temperature sensitive products for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry. We deliver customized solutions for cold storage and refrigerated transportation across India.

We have our own fleet of 85 Refrigerated trucks, carrying capacity ranging from 1 Ton to 15 tons and have many 3PL trucks attached to our company.

We provide mission-critical cold storage and value-added logistics to our customers, ensuring the integrity, safety and efficiency of a wide range of Pan India and local farm-to-fork food supply chains.

We remain committed to providing an industry-leading, highly reliable ‘order today, deliver tomorrow’ service – meaning that our customers, whatever their size, can be confident that their products will be where they need them, when they need them.

Snow-Ex is a trusted and valued partner, enabling you to achieve your business strategies and revenue growth in a highly sensitive and regulated environment. By partnering with Snow-EX, you can pay more attention to your customers, exceeding their expectations, and growing your business.

Our Vision: To provide the highest level of services to our customers, in order to build a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship.

Our Mission: To be a reliable company sustaining excellence and constantly striving to improve our competencies