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Supply Chain Solution
We provide Refrigerated Vehicles with dedicated model in the range of Ambient +18 Degree Celsius to 22 Degree Celsius, Chilled +1 Degree Celsius to +4 Degree Celsius, Frozen -18 Degree Celsius to -25 Degree Celsius with latest Technology of GPS & Data Loggers enabling 24/7 online vehicle and Temperature tracking from 0.5 tons to 13 tons capacity for all fast moving consumer goods. Specially for Dairy processed foods, Confectionaries & Pharmaceuticals.

Cold Chain Solutions
We deliver Customized Solutions for Cold Storage and refrigerated transportation pan India. One of India's young and faster growing integrated cold chain logistics suppliers, Snow-Ex bring best in class technology, professional experience and on-ground execution skills for safe and efficient solutions in the food supply chain. Our professional team of refrigeration operators, vehicle supervisors and truck maintenance mechanics ensure that our safe and reliable.

Cold chain is system of storing and transporting products at the recommended Temperature range from the point of origin ( Manufacturing Unit) to the point of use ( Final consumer).It helps to preserve the products by maintaining surrounding Temperature. It is a temperature controlled supply chain consists storage & distribution activities maintain products at given temperature range from factory warehouse to Refrigerated vehicle then Cold storages to Reefer Van again and then Redistributer to consumer. Temperatue is monitored with Data Logger & GPS equipments.

Quality Control Measures for Transportation
  • We Inspect the Vehicle before loading & its Container & AC Unit.
  • We Moniter the the cooling condition before loading the cargo.
  • We Verify the product to meet safe transportation parameters.
  • We check Storage guidelines to optimize capacity and cooling flow patterns.
  • We Maintain Data loggers to monitor in-transit conditions throughout the journey.
  • We maintain Tamper-proof vehicles to mitigate pilferage risk.
  • We follow HACCP procedures for safety and prevention of contamination.
  • We give Training and familiarization processes for service staff for Reefer Operation.
  • We follow PMS(Planned Maintenance System) for equipment upkeep.
Value Added Services
We provide Value added services to the client for Repacking Services for Gift packs, Celebration packs,Promotional packs , Institutional packs, Sorting, Shrink wrapping,Bulk Breaking & Many more.
We provide such Services to the client for seasonally as well as throughout year as per consumer's demand from then Market.
It saves Manpower & supply chain cost for the the client.
Portable Warehouses
We provide cold storages ( Temperatures controlled ) warehouses as per client's requirement with Best class technology with international standard for finished goods as well as WIP goods.It is new solution for manufacturer to store their Temperature sensitive products instead of investing huge capital in the factory premise enabling them to focus their investment & manpower into their core business.These portable cold storages are designed & built with the user reliability results & running cost. Those are given on rental basis in short term as well as long term suitable as per the business requirement.
3PL Solution
3PL Solutions is a leading third party logistics provider specializing in truckload, less than truckload, logistics management, and expedited delivery to all points in across the country.
Surface Transportation, Refrigerated, Temperature Control, Expedited Services, Warehousing
Benefits of 3PL
Expertise: Built by 3PL experts for 3PL experts
Employee productivity: increase volumes and keep personnel costs low
Customer self-service: web-based visibility for all customers
Inventory accuracy: Over 99% and 80-85% less inventory loss
Billing flexibility: track every penny, everywhere
EDI Capable
Customer visibility: precise, real-time inventory information

we offer a full service third party logistics solution, designed to completely manage the supply chain for your business. The overall 3PL process works as follows;
  • We store your goods in our secure warehouse managed by highly-trained staff.
  • We receive your orders via email, phone, file transfer or through our sophisticated software that feeds directly into eBay and Amazon for an instant up-to-date and accurate view of your orders.
  • The goods are picked and packed by us, and made ready for delivery.
  • Goods are delivered to customers.
3PL service aims to provide from End to End Logistics solution to the client. It is a solution for client for all logistics needs From point of origin to point of destination. It involves following stages.
1. Primary Distribution:  From Manufacturing unit ( Factory) to Mother Depot ( Distribution Hub) or Child Depot.
2. Warehousing:  Once goods received at depot those are stored at optimal Condtions ( Controlled Temperature) till order comes from Redistributer / Modern trade . It maintains stocks as per customer's requirement as per LIFO/FIFO/FEFO systems.
3. Inventory Management:  It involves complete stock management for customer considering In/Outs & closing as well all quality measure for expiry of goods & temperature variance.
4. Dispatch order Management:  It includes sorting, Repacking,Bulk Breaking ,make to keep shipment ready as per Redistributer's Invoice.
5. Secandary Distribution:  It includes transportation from Mother Depot ( Distribution Hub) or Child Depot to Redistributer, Modern Trade & wholesaler & finally reaches to Consumer .
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